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The concept of this book is to draw people closer to the Lord and savior through the wonderful medium of Christian poetry. Carefully placed words reflects the author’s spiritual journey, his growth and literary ambition to write credible but true to self. A unique anthology shows others the relationship between a Christian and the Father.

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The sail, The face

Spiritually inspired, confidently and delicately placed poems based on the creative flow that is my father. My Saviour and healer brought me back from the edge. Now, I can affirm my status as a creative and officially pronounce my occupation. Not so just for me, but for my best friend, Jesus. Good works shine through and I am confident to add this to my growing personal list of achievements. To glorify my Father, my maker.

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My Sweet Aroma

Timothy Green’s home is with his poems. They flow easily out of him, and he considers them precious and special, like he is himself. In My Sweet Aroma, he presents roughly two hundred poems gathered from one of his previous books, The Sail, the Face, along with seventy newly written verses.

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My First Class Meal

The book is real and doesn’t try to hide itself. Casually waiting in the wings to pop up and and say ‘here I am’. The front covering represents the water of life and the back represents the bread of life in motion. Both referring to Jesus and being the truth. Very personal.

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Anointed and Appointed

Timothy Green is a seasoned poet whose home lies within his creations. In his latest collection of inspirational poetry, he continues his thoughtful exploration of diverse topics such as love, peace, spirituality, and unearthed virtues. Within his verse, Timothy reflects on the culture and challenges that surround Africa, the ways of the world, the end of a day, stages of exaggerated anxiety, the sincere belief of others, the serenity found but not always seen, a hopeful embrace, the chance of a lifetime, and much more. Anointed and Appointed is a volume of poems shared to inspire, motivate, and prompt introspection in those searching for lyrical enlightenment.

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Fruits of the Vine

Christian poetry at its finest. Characterized by its consistent and free form. A must read if you love poetry. Not strictly just for believers.

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My Father’s Pen

A collection of handwritten poems.

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Man from March

The whole world seems in slow motion
capturing the ocean moves me around
aground I run to the sure for shelter
suddenly everything stops
no running to the shops for drops of packages
emotion soothed is I no longer need to move
life is paused for a far precious moments
the calm ocean and serenity soothes me
laying in the later day sun.
breeze brings me comfort and ease
I go to sleep with deep tendensies on my mind
the splash of color rises my mood
My brew of tea has left me watching
nature and it’s calm state
friends come and go, speaking to a sparrow
I glow with comfort and ease
Pause this march, want to remember
whatever happened to my December?
Food chewed moved my state
Systems broken for chaining me
to my desk now I am free
I praise my Lord on bended knee
Possibility fends for my safety
because I woke up ???leaf like a daisy
in the early morning sunshine and dawg grass

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Talking in Tears

Timothy Green, an experienced poet, crafts Christian contemporary poetry, offering intriguing, thought-provoking pieces that reflect his personal story and relationship with his Father. He surpasses limitations, maximizing his potential.

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